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Written Infection Prevention and Control Plans from J.A.D. Higher Expectations Consulting Services

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

J.A.D. Higher Expectations LLC Infection prevention and control written plans form the framework of an organization's program and are required by accreditation agencies as well as the federal government. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) specifies that "a facility must establish an infection prevention and control program." This is applicable to Medicare-certified acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, long-term care, behavioral inpatient care and outpatient facilities (clinics and surgery centers).

The infection prevention and control written plan should follow the standards set forth by the agencies and CMS, which includes, but is not limited to, at a minimum, a facility risk assessment, and goals and objectives. In addition, standard precautions, the basis of infection prevention practice, should be addressed. The written plan will vary slightly depending on accreditation agencies, type of facility, and services offered. The written plan is a working document that should be reviewed and updated annually or more often if changes occur.

  • Infection Control Assessment and Response

  • Failure Mode Effect & Analysis

  • Root Cause Assessments

  • Policy & Procedure development, review, and revisions

  • Staff education & competency on hand hygiene , PPE usage

  • Infection Control Risk Assessments

  • Antibiotic Stewardship Programs

  • Outbreak Investigations

  • Development of a Line List of resident/employees

  • Contact Tracing

J.A.D. Higher Expectations LLC provides onsite assessments designed to identify and mitigate infection risks. Our assessments include a detailed written report of findings and recommendations which serve as a road map to help bring the facility into compliance.

J.A.D. Higher Expectations LLC provides customized infection prevention and control training tailored to your facility's needs and relevant topics, e.g., low-level disinfection & intermediate level and sterilization, COVID-19 mandates, vaccine hesitancy, etc.

J.A.D. Higher Expectations LLC can provide clients with a customized webinar or series for supplemental education. Our consultants are leaders in the infection prevention and control industry and act as subject matter experts that will build the education based on your individual needs to provide you with the latest guidance and research.

Our infection preventionist investigators conduct an independent assessment to pinpoint the outbreak. An onsite exit interview will guide the implementation team in the following steps along with a final written report of findings and recommendations.

Learn more about the infection control and prevention services offered by J.A.D. Higher Expectations:

You can request complimentary 30-minute consultation by clicking the link below.

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