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CPR Brought to You!

Updated: Feb 28

At. J.A.D. Higher Expectations LLC our mission remains to provide the community at large with the tools needed to successfully and safely perform lifesaving strategies. Our instructors bring the CPR courses directly to you upon demand. Utilizing the approved American Heart Association curriculum, the training consistency is done with the expected level of expertise for each participant to gain the proper knowledge to perform life-saving techniques safely.

To learn more about our CPR programs, click the button below.

Our courses are not just provided in the classroom setting. We attend community events, schools, and businesses allowing accessibility to CPR to all members of the community, but provided education on the factors that place individuals at a higher risk for heart disease and what can be done to lessen those risks.

We believe in providing CPR classes for to the community through the Fleurantin Foundation that is committed to educating the community on live saving C.P.R. to prevent loss of life. Click the link below to view the resources page for the Fleurantin Foundation.

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