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Assisted Living Facilities Services

At J.A.D. Higher Expectations our passion is to assist ALF providers in their ability to improve clinical and quality performance.

Infection Control & Survey Preparedness

Throughout the pandemic, we experienced daily news briefs on exactly how impactful having a strong infection control program can be in ensuring the safety of the residents as well as the staff.

Policy procedure review and updates to include the most current evidence-based practices in the prevention and management of Covid-19 as well as other communicable diseases. Our expertise in outbreak management and prevention.

We assist with compliance checks of employee files and allow the facility owners/managers to manage. In-services are provided on-site with certifications for employee files.

J.A.D. Higher Expectations consultants have been providing onboarding education required by CMS as well as annual education and CPR & First aid courses in your facility allowing owners/managers to manage.

Should in-person training scheduling hold you back from onboarding a needed new employee, we can provide remote education to accommodate your facility’s needs.

Consultants are certified and updated on all the latest regulatory changes and will assist in managing a deficiency-free survey.

Certifications are in:

· Infection Control and Epidemiology

· Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional-CMS

· Certified Joint Commission Professional

· Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse

· Certified Wound Care Nurse

Having a solid Infection Prevention and Control is crucial to all Assisted Living Facilities. Assisted Living operators will want to ensure that they have a good process, therefore, it is time to do a check on your infection control program.

· Do you have the proper players, documentation, education, and quality programs in place?

· Do you have good systems to prevent facility-acquired infections?

· Is your program based on current standards of practice?

· Have you reviewed your policies and procedures to ensure that they are up to date?

· Have you reviewed your Infection Prevention and Control Program training curriculum for employees?

· Have you put into place a robust hand hygiene program for employees, residents/occupants, visitors, and others?

· Have you verified that you are in compliance with state requirements?

It is recommended that the entire interdisciplinary assisted-living team get involved; it’s no longer just about nursing or caregiving.

By allowing our consultants to audit your program or by having an outside set of eyes come in to review your program and systems, the facility can identify vulnerabilities, strengths, and opportunities for improvement. When reviewing your program, we utilize some of the steps below to ensure you are on the right path to avoiding unnecessary infections.

Remember that you are accountable for:

· Knowing what the current infection control guidelines are for your practice setting

· Assessing risks and knowing how to use/apply the infection control guidelines in your practice

· Adhering to the current infection control standards

· Educating and modeling infection control practices for others

· Being aware of what your infection control resources are and where to find the most up-to-date information

· Advocating for best practices in infection control

· Ensuring ongoing quality of infection control practices

· Monitoring changes to infection control practices (health alerts)and updating your practice accordingly

· A robust antibiotic stewardship program

Feel free to contact us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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